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Initial consultations are one hour and twenty minutes and cost $175. Thereafter, sessions typically last fifty minutes and are $150, whether in or out of the office. I accept cash and checks only at this time.
I am also a provider on the Seton Employee Plan (Tier 1) insurance. For those not on the Seton plan, I provide receipts so you can file for any eligible out-of-network benefits.


It's helpful to have another person's perspective and concern when you're hurting, confused, scared, or numb. Friends or family can be supportive in some cases but at some point--often what feels like a breaking point--the next step is partnering with an expert.
Talk therapy establishes a private, collaborative relationship that facilitates the opportunity to receive support and feedback while partnering to discover what you need and what may help you feel better.

Walk therapy

Walk therapy is talk therapy in motion. As the weather allows, we meet and have our sessions while walking outdoors. This approach to therapy may be a good fit if you have a health condition that improves with increased activity, have had difficulty making regular exercise part of your life, feel uncomfortable sitting face to face while discussing personal matters, or spend your days indoors and would benefit from a change of scene as you focus on your concerns.

Kid therapy

When your child persistently struggles with worries or challenging behaviors, it can leave you feeling helpless, angry or filled with worry yourself. I meet with parents before meeting with your child to assess your concerns. After meeting with the child, I recommend a treatment plan. My pediatric practice incorporates play and talk therapies with brain/body education. It also promotes awareness of and empathy for self and others, and engages kids in co-creation of coping strategies.